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Internet – Outside Fruitland and Nu Acres

FMTC now offers three different options for Residential and Business Internet service outside of the Fruitland and Nu Acres areas.


WiMax is a truly unlimited service with no metering or data caps — you can use as much Internet as you want without worrying about overage fees or having your service throttled.  WiMax requires a line of sight connection to one of our towers in Fruitland or New Plymouth, and offers high-speed Internet without the need for a phone line. Before signing up for the service, FMTC will need to do a site survey to verify line of sight at no cost to the customer. Upgrade packages are available for those who require increased upload speeds.

•2 Year contract   • Credit check is required   • $5.95 lease of radio equipment • Free Installation



All services are subject to FMTC’s Terms and Conditions.