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When FMTC started more than 100 years ago, Fruitland was primarily a farming community with traditionally strong values. These values were represented by our families, our schools and our businesses. As a community, the citizens of Fruitland realized that having the ability to communicate in an efficient manner was very desirable, and they soon formed together in a cooperative effort to create Farmers Mutual Telephone Company. The very latest technology available at the time was a “Cord Board” system with a telephone “Operator”. Telephone poles were placed around the community and out into the rural areas, and wires were attached to carry the voice signals from homes and businesses back to the Telephone office.

As time went on, FMTC continued to make improvements; in 1956 the first dial switch was installed, giving customers the ability to directly dial another telephone without operator assistance.

In 1979 Farmers Mutual Telephone installed the first Digital Telephone system in the State of Idaho, which greatly helped in our efforts to eliminate “Party” lines, and allowed our customers to make telephone calls whenever they wanted.

Farmers is now pushing forward on its Fiber to the Home and Business deployments, while offering its customers High Speed Internet, Ethernet circuits, private lines, custom calling features, and PCS Cellular telephone service.

We continue to follow the strong values that have served us and our community over the years, while moving forward with the very latest technologies available today.


Current Board Members

Dennis Ujiiye, President

Bill Johnson, Vice President

Rick Howard, Secretary

Gary Brown, Director

Barbara Tesnohlidek, Director


It is the mission of Farmers Mutual Telephone Company to provide dependable, viable and affordable communication services: to pursue new ideas, new services and educate its customers as to all services provided by the company: and, to establish new markets in an innovative manner that will benefit the company and its customers.