Ethernet Transport Services (ETS) – Up to 10 Gigabits

ETS allows businesses to connect two or more sites to each other as if they were on the same LAN. FMTC’s ETS solutions can scale from 5Mbps to 10Gbps, and can be delivered via either a copper or fiber ethernet handoff. FMTC provides ETS services across Western Idaho in Fruitland, New Plymouth, Nu Acres, and Payette.

Ethernet Private Line Services (EPLS) – enables a customer to connect physically distributed locations together with Virtual Local Area Network (VLAN) transparency without further coordinating with FMTC.

Ethernet Virtual Private Line (EVPL) – provides an Ethernet Virtual Connection (EVC) between multiple customer locations, and supports Service Multiplexed User Network Interfaces (UNIs) to Customer Premise Equipment (CPEs). EVPL allows for a very flexible, reliable high-bandwidth connection that is cheaper than traditional TDM-based services.

Dedicated Internet Access – Up to 1 Gigabit

FMTC’s Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) solutions offer customers dedicated Ethernet connectivity via an EVC from the Customer’s location to an FMTC Internet router. Ethernet based DIA services provide cost-effective, high-bandwidth connectivity to the internet that can scale with your network demands.

Other Designed Circuits

FMTC can deliver TDM-based DS1/DS3 services such as those favored by financial institutions. We also provide T1/PRI digital voice circuits.