What is Lifeline?

Lifeline - Low Income Support

What is Lifeline?
Lifeline is a government program that offers qualified low-income households a discount on basic local telephone service and internet. Through this government program you could save up to $11.75 a month. The federal discount on internet service is $9.25. The federal discount on voice only service is $5.25. The state discount on internet or voice only service is $2.50. This program can cover basic local telephone/internet service charges, plus the subscriber line charge.
Eligibility / Restrictions
Lifeline can only be used for the primary telephone line and internet in a household. You may purchase additional services available to a non-Lifeline customer. You must establish phone or internet service prior to applying for the Lifeline discount. The name on the phone bill must match the name of the household member participating on the eligible program.
How do I apply?

To apply for Lifeline, please visit www.checklifeline.org and follow the application instructions. You can also download the application form here, or you can pick up an application at the Farmers Mutual Telephone Company office.

More Information

You can find further information about Lifeline at the Universal Service Administrative Company website. Any additional questions can be answered by calling FMTC at (208) 452-2000.