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Calling Features

FMTC offers a variety of calling features, enhanced features, and voice mail to help you simplify your life. Click on a feature for instructions on how to use it.

Call Waiting
You can use your telephone without missing other calls. A special tone alerts you to a waiting call; the person calling you hears normal ringing.

Call Forwarding

You can program your calls to ring at another number. Each time a call is forwarded, your phone will make one short ring. It can still be used to make outgoing calls.

Call Forwarding Remote Access

You can use a touch-tone telephone at another location to change your Call Forwarding on your home or business phone.

Call Forward No Answer

If you can’t get to the phone, you can be sure that your calls won’t go unanswered. You can easily change the forwarding number — even choosing how many times your phone should ring.

Call Forward Busy

Whenever you’re on the phone, you can be sure your callers can talk with someone else or can leave a message for you. Easily turn it on or off, or change the forwarding number — anytime.

Speed Calling 8

You can enter up to eight telephone numbers — local or long distance — into your Speed Calling list. Afterwards, you can reach those people by dialing just one digit.

Speed Calling 30

You can program up to 30 telephone numbers — local or long distance — into your Speed Calling list. Afterwards, you can reach those people by dialing just two digits.

Three-Way Calling

When you’re talking with someone, you can add a third person to the call. It’s easy to coordinate family schedules or hold a telephone conference with business colleagues.

Call Transfer

You can transfer a call to another number or add a third person to a call. When you’re ready to hang up, the other two people can continue their conversation. A subscriber must have Three-Way Calling to use this feature.

Wire Maintenance 

This service covers trouble location and repair of your inside telephone wire and jacks. The plan covers repair to existing, working jacks and wiring but not initial installation.


Voice Mail — Residential

If you are tired of missing calls and hassling with answering machines, Voice Mail will answer your calls when you cannot. All you need is a touch-tone phone. You can access your messages from any touch-tone phone, anywhere and anytime.

Voice Mail — Businesss

Our Voice Mail feature will ensure you do not miss any important calls from clients or vendors. If you are out of the office, you can easily call in to your Voice Mail to listen to your messages.

Voice Mail Announcement

Leave informational messages for customers, friends and family to hear any time of the day or week.