Are you looking for a digital backup solution for all of you pictures, movies and documents? Farmers Mutual Telephone Comapny has an option. MyBackup is an application that can be setup to automatically backup your files to another location to provide peace-of-mind storage in case of a computer crash or natural disaster.

MyBackup uses military-grade encryption and simple software called a “Cloud Connector” to copy files to remote locations so the User can easily recover those files should their computer fail. Once installed and configured, the Connector runs in the background and will automatically update and save any changes to selected files and folders as long as the User is signed in and connected to the Internet. Users can access, share or download any files they have saved by going to their account page.

This software currently runs on:

  • Windows Vista and later
  • Mac OSX 10.7 and later


Plan Price
1GB Free
5GB $1 / Month
25GB $3 / Month
50GB $6 / Month
100GB $10 / Month
250GB $16 / Month