Patronage Capital Credits

Farmers Mutual Telephone Company (FMTC) is a cooperative with owner-members made up of its customers with telephone and/or internet service in the Fruitland and Nu Acres serving area. FMTC’s net profit is assigned as patronage capital credits to respective members’ accounts and used to further the purpose the Company. In accordance with Federal and State law, and the Bylaws of the Company, the Board of Directors assesses the financial position of the Company and may authorize patronage payments to members from their capital credits accounts.

We do not have a defined date as to when the funds will be paid out, so please keep us informed of any address changes so that we may distribute those funds at a future time.

The allocation statement is only a report of the portion of this year’s net profit assigned to the recipient indicated on the statement.

For a variety of reasons, patronage checks are sometimes unclaimed. If you have been a member of FMTC in the past, you may have a capital credit patronage payment that needs claimed. FMTC provides this list on its web site of names associated with past unclaimed patronage payments.

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