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FMTC is a Certified Reseller of ESI Business Phone Systems


Advanced technology that’s built in, not added on.

Because all vital business features are designed into ESI Communications Servers and not added on, everything works smoothly, easily, intuitively. And you don’t pay extra, since everything you need is built right in. Best of all, an ESI system is incredibly easy to use. Just press the help key for spoken assistance from ESI’s Verbal User Guide.

Flexible, standards-based design.

The ESI Communications Server architecture can be as digital-based, IP-based, or combined (digital- and IP-based) as you need. IP-based capabilities include local/remote phones and ESI-Link multi-site interconnectivity via your WAN or the Internet, for enhanced inter-office communications. To ensure the best audio quality, particularly for IP users, each ESI Communications Server employs all applicable industry standards.

Features you need, all built in.

Patented Caller ID technology “attaches” caller information to stored messages for simple one-key redialing.
Instant call recording stores any conversation into any voice mailbox at the touch of the RECORD key.
Voice mail storage capacities to satisfy the needs of almost any business.
Call automation features include auto attendant and programmable automatic call distribution (ACD) – perfect for sales or service departments.
ESI’s unique Virtual Answer lets you use special greetings to help you courteously handle high call volume, based on who’s calling.
ESI’s desktop phones include speakerphone, easy-to-read display, dedicated function keys, and user-programmable keys. For added mobility, there also are ESI cordless handsets.
ESI’s Intelligent Call Forwarding lets you forward an outside call directly to a cell phone, branch office, or answering service with the caller’s Caller ID information rather than yours – so the person to whom the call is forwarded knows who’s really calling.



We design business telephone systems for how people really use them. ESI phones are easy to use and program, and will provide the necessary communications advantage your business needs.

The best communication tools are vital to maintain a successful business. FMTC has the solutions to help your business grow, using ESI Communications Servers. From the flexible digital IP architecture and auto attendant to automated call distribution and ESI-Dex speed-dialers, ESI Communications Servers will grow and adapt to your specific business needs.