Wireless Analytics, Management, and Troubleshooting

Wireless Internet availability has become a requirement for households, businesses and public areas. It is this increase in availability that has created problems with wireless networks interfering with other wireless networks which can create problems such as slow speeds and connectivity problems. Optimizing a wireless network for speed and isolating it from interference is important for a fast and responsive connection. Farmers Mutual Telephone Company offers wireless survey and networking services for not only home and small office locations, but also for retail and hospitality industries. Site surveys include:

  • Map out requested coverage area
  • Scan wireless spectrum to find most suitable channels
  • Find equipment with capabilities that will meet customer needs
  • Engineer network to incorporate new equipment, or modify existing equipment
  • Consult with customer on deployment best practices
  • Create a heat map of wireless coverage
  • Manage and maintain wired/wireless networks at customer’s request